Wood Fired Pizza Oven


Update: The main part of the oven is complete, and we had our first fire of the oven and it was amazing, great pizza and friends.

I have been working hard on a friends wood fire pizza oven. The images below is where I currently am. I will update this post with more images once complete.

Manly Pinterest boards to follow


I love pinterest! I have been a user since the beginning. I know of a lot more females on pinterest than males, but I think it’s a great tool for everyone. Here are a list of more manly users and boards to follow.

Evan SharpJamison HinerBen SilbermannSteven McGaugheyChad SymeNathan StrangeBen StovoldLeon FitzpatrickLucas UribeMike DDaniel Bear HunleyOen Hammonds

The Best WordPress Hosting


I have been in the wordpress game since hacking my way through WordPress version 1.2 way before pages, and the thought that wordpress could be a great CMS (Content Management System). I have gone through maybe 10 different hosts, and when it comes to client sites I have started to switch them all over to WP Engine. We also have tried other wordpress only hosting like flywheel, but as young as they are they have not been as good as wpengine in stopping wordpress hacks.

Currently WordPress makes up almost 50% of the popular CMS out there.

Contact me and I will help you switch over the WP Engine.

WP Engine Managed Hosting for BuddyPress